Sports Jacket – Blazer – Suit – What's The Difference? | 3 Classic Menswear Pieces | ข่าวที่เกี่ยวข้องกับแฟชั่นมีประโยชน์มากที่สุด

คุณกำลังพยายามค้นหาเกี่ยวกับหัวข้อ 3 Classic Menswear Pieces? นำเสนอเนื้อหาทันทีในหัวข้อของ 3 Classic Menswear Pieces ในโพสต์ด้านล่าง.

Sports Jacket – Blazer – Suit – What's The Difference? | 3 Classic Menswear Pieces | ข้อมูลแฟชั่นล่าสุด

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รูปภาพธีมblazer suitจัดทำโดย Taphoamini.

Sports Jacket – Blazer – Suit – What's The Difference? | 3 Classic Menswear Pieces

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blazer suit

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Sports Jacket – Blazer – Suit – What's The Difference? | 3 Classic Menswear Pieces

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  1. Sooo I just bought a pinstripe black ralph lauren black label "coat" from the thrift store, being pinstripe, should I assume there were pants that went with it?

  2. The first thing that stands out is his purple tie. Then he pairs the tie with an olive green sports jacket; my first thought: The Joker, in reverse. But, he is well informed on jackets, just not good at color sense. To me, this looks like the owner of a candy store.

  3. Yes the buttons on a blazer are ideally meant to be contrasting and made of metal, but most cheap off-the-rack manufacturers dont even know this and just sell all their blazers with black plastic buttons

  4. Oh thank you so much! I was looking for a set that I can take for professional corporate job and another set for casual dates, classes, night out, and anything where I always think "I wanna be casual but still look classy enough to cover the fact that I can't dress up for crap" type of events. I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW I CAN PULL OFF A BLAZER WITH JEANS!! Thank you!

  5. Is there some place I can go to ask for a sampler of all the fabric types you discuss here? If I can see what each look like I can make a better decision for what I want.

  6. Design your body so you can buy off the shelf. Ha! Some guys want to be exceptional, body dysmorphia and all that, there's a cost – if you're talking made to measure. Personally, I'm pretty grateful I fit into the accepted categories.

  7. I see no difference in neither of them, i understood why suit jacket is how it is but if the sport s coat or the blazer had matching pants it would still be a suit jacket in my eyes so irrelevant to me unless the material is more shiny and ellegant, they re all the same to me.

  8. I'm currently in the process of designing my wedding tux, which will continue to be used for other formal events. I chose to go peak lapel but my fiancee was leaning more towards the notch. I was glad to hear that you sway from the notch for formal. Thanks, great vid.

  9. Recently started picking up some suits and other more formal wear (considering a sport jacket formal relatively speaking) at my local thrift stores. I need to find a chart that shows what colors and patterns to match with what. Want to start dressing a big nicer when I go out. Not wear graphic t-shirts as much.

  10. I don't know what could be the possible translation of "sport jacket" in Italian. "Suit" or "blazer" is easy to translate. But if you look for a "sport jacket" in Italian shops (online or physical stores) you will get an ACTUAL "sport" item, like jackets for hiking, and stuff like that. It looks like the concept of sport jacket is missing here. Just suits and blazers are available. Unless I'm missing something.

  11. I traveled overseas recently and stumbled into a tailor shop accidentally while my wife and daughter were looking at trinkets at an open market. I ended up buying a whole wardrobe, a suit, separate sport jacket, 5 shirts, and trousers, and custom msde shoes. One of the best damn things I ever did. Very inexpensive, and a lot of fun, my daughter helped me pick out the shoe style, and fabric prints. Do yourself a favor and get it done next time you're on vacation. You won't regret it.

  12. Real man wouldn’t care ….such silly nitpicking is for the other gender or everything else that falls between a male and female … real men care about the real business… agreed clothing matters but every man knows what the broad difference is between these…. and for the most part get 80-90% right which is really they need and is way more than required…. unless your work is judged by Paris Hilton….If you have content within, I think you are good …I would like to spend my time laying on my recliner dozing off in my free time as my wife does her online cloth shopping…


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